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CIMA qualified accountants apply accounting techniques to plan and budget.


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A well thought through and presented plan aids decision making within the business and different scenarios can explored before final decisions are made. Business plans also help external organisations such as banks make funding available.


CIMA qualified accountants apply accounting techniques to plan and budget.

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Case Study

ABC Ltd was an established company, which was respected in the market place as expert in its field. However, its UK market was becoming ever more challenging as a result of the recession and customers took longer to place projects. Not only that, but once projects were placed there was an initial cash outflow before income came in causing further cash flow problems.

With their management accountant the directors identified two main issues which needed to be tackled in the short term. Firstly, they needed to work with their leads in other countries to expand their export business and take away their dependency on the UK market. Secondly, they needed to explore how to resolve their funding shortfall.

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By robust planning, with their management accountant, they were able to decide on the export markets that were most likely to bring quick orders. They could see the costs they would incur in entering into these markets and put some estimates to how quickly this effort would result in orders and sales.

The planning process identified that there were several different ways they might resolve their funding crisis. These included asset finance, invoice discounting and cloud funding, as well as working more closely with their bank to ensure their short term working capital needs were met with a substantial overdraft. Their management accountant's contacts in each of these areas helped them get the help they needed because their clear plan showed they had the business under control.

The business is now moving in a positive direction and has the cash resources it needs to follow its plan.

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