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CIMA qualified accountants analyse information and use it to make business decisions.


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The provision of regular and detailed information helps businesses to know how profitable they are, where the profit is derived and how it can be maximised. It also helps identify why specific problems have arisen and how they can be solved.


CIMA qualified accountants analyse information and use it to make business decisions.

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Case Study

LMN Ltd was a financial services company which had grown organically over 10 years and had 9 staff members. Whilst the business was very well run from a customer point of view the directors struggled with the financial aspects of the business. In particular, they felt the business was stagnating and did not know why.

Denis thinks...
I don't know why my business is stagnating

They engaged a management accountant who helped them to understand their business by providing information that was relevant, timely and in a format they could understand.

Suzie thinks...
I need financial information to make the right decisions

Together they identified that:

  1. One of the reasons the business was stagnating was that everyone was concentrating hard on the providing the standard service, but no one was focussed on getting new clients, or looking at additional services they could develop for existing ones. Having identified the problem the directors drew up and implemented a robust sales plan.
  2. If the directors concentrated their efforts on four key elements of their business they could quickly move the business forward. They set up a method for reporting on these elements through easily understood key performance indicators.
  3. By having monthly management meetings, where the management accounts and key performance indicators were reviewed, they would be able to use this information to make decisions about how to best run the business over the coming months.

The directors are now much happier that they understand the financial aspects of their business and the business is moving forward in the direction they want.

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Robert BURNS

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