Ways we can support your business

Learn how management accountants provide business information


The provision of regular and detailed information helps businesses to know how profitable they are, where the profit is derived and how it can be maximised. It also helps identify why specific problems have arisen and how they can be solved. CIMA qualified accountants analyse information and use it to make business decisions.
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Learn how management accountants help your business strategy


All businesses need a clear strategy to follow to ensure the business owners' objectives are achieved. A strategy gives the business owners control over their business and ensures it moves in the direction they want. CIMA qualified accountants formulate business strategy to create wealth and shareholder value.
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Learn how management accountants help identify risks

Identify Risks

Understanding and dealing with the risks inherent within any business is vital to long term sustainability. Key times when risk analysis is necessary are when a business is starting out or expanding. CIMA qualified accountants identify and manage risks.
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Learn how management accountants help with your business plans


A well thought through and presented plan aids decision making within the business and different scenarios can explored before final decisions are made. Business plans also help external organisations such as banks make funding available. CIMA qualified accountants apply accounting techniques to plan and budget.
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Learn how management accountants communicate with your team


Business owners often worry about the financial aspects of their business because financial information is not communicated to them in a way they can understand and use effectively. CIMA qualified accountants determine what information management needs and explain the numbers to non-financial managers.
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Learn how management accountants help provide reports for external agencies

External Reporting

A key requirement in any business is the provision of information to external agencies, including the government and regulatory authorities. Failure to do this can lead significant problems for the business owners. CIMA qualified accountants report compliance and tax information to government and tax authorities as required.
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